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CD – kompaktinė plokštelė
LP – vinilinė plokštelė 

  • 1. Frenzy
  • 2. Strung Out Johnny
  • 3. New Atlantis
  • 4. Modern Day Rip Off
  • 5. Morning Show
  • 6. The News For Andy
  • 7. Neo Punk
  • 8. All the Way Down
  • 10. My Animus Interlude
  • 11. The Regency

‘Every Loser’ is Iggy’s 19th solo album and his first to be released via the recently announced partnership between Atlantic Records and Gold Tooth Records, the new label founded by the album’s GRAMMY Award-winning, multi-platinum executive producer, Andrew Watt. ‘Every Loser’ harkens back to Iggy’s primordial roots while maintaining an undeniably modern lyrical point viewpoint and sonic palette. ‘Every Loser’ is an exemplary album of primal rock ’n’ roll—a master class in the art of lashing out with unequalled intensity and unflappable wit. Featuring a murderers row of modern day rock icons including producer Watt (guitar and background vocals), Duff McKagan (bass) and Chad Smith (drums), ‘Every Loser’ sets Iggy’s incisive aggressions toward physical and existential nemeses atop a rock solid foundation provided by members of Blink 182, Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses, Jane’s Addiction and Pearl Jam. The result is 11 songs by the man who refused to go gently into that good night on his previous album, 2019’s somber and contemplative ‘Free’, and is once again charging fearlessly at life itself on ‘Every Loser’.