Obituary 'Slowly We Rot -Hq-' LP


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CD – kompaktinė plokštelė
LP – vinilinė plokštelė 

  • A1 Internal Bleeding
  • A2 Godly Beings
  • A3 ‘Til Death
  • A4 Slowly We Rot
  • A5 Immortal Visions
  • A6 Gates To Hell
  • A7 Words Of Evil
  • B1 Suffocation
  • B2 Intoxicated
  • B3 Deadly Intentions
  • B4 Bloodsoaked
  • B5 Stinkupuss
  • B6 Find The Arise (Demo Version)
  • B7 Like The Dead (Demo Version)

OBITUARY was a fundamental act in the development of death metal music and is one of the most successful death metal bands of all time. To date, OBITUARY has released ten studio albums and with the exception of their 1997–2003 split, they continue to perform live around the world.