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CD – kompaktinė plokštelė
LP – vinilinė plokštelė 

  • – 1 –
    • 1. Chasing the High (Ft. Willie Adler, “Lamb of God”)
    • 2. Downright Dominate (Ft. Alexi Laiho, “Children of Bodom”)
    • 3. Army of One (Ft. Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow, “Anvil”)
    • 4. Couple Suicide (Ft. Danko, “Danko Jones” and Angela Gossow,
    • 5. Heavy Metal Maniac (Ft. Dan Beehler, “Exciter” and Allan Joh
    • 6. Haunted (Ft. Jesper Stromblad, “In Flames”)
  • – 2 –
    • 1. Romeo Delight – Cover Song
    • 2. Detonation (Ft. Jacob Lynam, “Lynam”)
    • 3. Clown Parade (Ft. Jeff Loomis, “Nevermore”)
    • 4. Smothered (Ft. Anders Bjorler, “the Haunted”)
    • 5. Kicked (Ft. Corey Beaulieu, “Trivium”)
  • Fans have been waiting for years and it’s finally happening: the much sought-after and previously unavailable Annihilator back-catalogue is getting a series of re-issues via earMUSIC. METAL II stands out as a fully re-recorded, newly mixed by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith and many more) and re-mastered album in a new line-up, featuring Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Grip Inc. etc) on drums and Stu Block (Iced Earth) on vocals. The guest list on the album is huge: WILLIE ADLER FROM “LAMB OF GOD”, ALEXI LAIHO FROM “CHILDREN OF BODOM”, STEVE “LIPS” KUDLOW FROM “ANVIL”, DAN BEEHLER FROM “EXCITER”, JESPER STRÖMBLAD FROM “IN FLAMES” – just to name a few.

    Annihilator’s “METAL II” is dedicated to the memory of Eddie Van Halen & Alexi Laiho (CoB).